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"Last night, for the first time, I won 6 games in a row and had to ease up a little, so that the score wouldn't be too intimidating. Needless to say I love your product."
-- B.C.
Squash Player, Business Executive

"GRRRIP is better than a glove. I was blown away! It was truly amazing! I played five games, was soaking wet with sweat, yet my hand still had a firm grip on the handle. But more importantly, without a glove, I discovered I had a much better feel for the racquet. My shots were better, and much more accurate. My game really improved thanks to GRRRIP."
-- T. B.
A-Rated Racquetball Player

"During a recent vacation in Hawaii I played tennis every day. Because of the humidity, my hands were sweating so bad that my hand kept slipping on my racquet. Needless to say, I missed many shots. A tennis pro recommended your product GRRRIP. I started using it and what a difference it made. Its a great product and once again I am a shot maker. Thanks for a great product."
--J. J.
Tennis Player

"GRRRIP was found to be very effective at keeping the players hands dry while increasing their grip on the ball. Needless to say, this was beneficial to their playing performance. Additionally, I believe it gave them more confidence in holding on to the ball."
-- W. W.
High School Basketball Coach
Footnote: This basketball team went on to win a state Division I Championship.

"Hours of preparation for public speaking were rendered ineffective when unwanted perspiration distracted my audience. I sought medical and psychological advice to no avail. Discovering GRRRIP amazed me!! Its power to stop unwanted perspiration freed me to speak publicly with confidence. Perspiration no longer distracted me or my audience. Applying GRRRIP is essential to my public speaking success."
-- J. M.
Senior Pastor, Baptist Church

"Our football athletes have used your product GRRRIP during both practices and games. Without exception they have enjoyed and benefited from your product. The comment most often made was it didn't need to be applied frequently for it to be effective and it was also obvious that it was still effective in all types of elements encountered in the game of football. We endorse the product."
-- D. M.
University Head Football Coach

"Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Kick-Returners and others used GRRRIP during practice and games under varied conditions of cold, hot and wet weather. GRRRIP enhances player confidence and improves ball handling performance. I confidently endorse GRRRIP."
-- C. L. S
University, Athletic Director

"GRRRIP is certainly something that every skilled position athlete in football should use."
-- JJ. T.
NFL Retired Wide Receiver

"I want to compliment you on your fine product GRRRIP! It will certainly make an impact in the NFL, as well as all levels of organized sports. Thank you for developing a product I can really hold on too."
-- A. D.
NFL and CFL Quarterback

"We have just completed the sixth game of our schedule and our receivers are quite impressed with your product. We have used the spray and lotion with success."
-- J. R.
Equipment Manager CFL Football Team

" I am writing this testimonial letter to you to let you know GRRRIP is a superior product that I have found to be of great help to me in various areas of endeavor. I have used GRRRIP in the following ways: Every day weight work-outs ( a minimum of 2 hours per session) and tactical shooting with a variety of firearms. It not only provides a surer grip by keeping my hands dryer, but it enhances my work-out capability with the psychological effect of having the assurance of a better grip, thus enabling me to use heavier weights."
-- J. B.
Certified Small Arms Weapons Instructor, U.S. Navy

"Six members of the USMC Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC Marathon Team applied GRRRIP just prior to the Blue Angeles Marathon in Pensacola, FL. Three members of the team related no problems with blisters after the race. Two members related minor blister problems which quickly disappeared after a few days. One member had a history of severe blister problems after extended activity. None of the participants related any skin irritation due to GRRRIP. One member used GRRRIP to prevent chaffing on the thighs with success. I conclude that GRRRIP can be a very effective measure to decrease the occurrence and severity of blisters during recruit training. I recommend that GRRRIP be an adjunct to the present blister prevention methods."
-- LCDR C. J . K.
Podiatry Department Head
Footnote: A thirteen week test was undertaken and as a result the USMC is making GRRRIP available to the recruits for both sporting events, fitness events, weapons training and blister prevention.


GRRRIP Is Approved for use by the following governing organizations:

National Football League
National Basketball Association
United States Golf Association
NCAA National Office
American Bowling Congress
National Federation of State High School Associations
Iowa High School Athletic Association