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GTC : The Company

Globe Technology Corp. (GTC), was founded in 1985 to develop, manufacture and market products to companies requiring "CLEAN ROOM" manufacturing conditions such as Chip Manufacturers, Hospital Surgeries and Pharmaceutical facilities. Through extensive research and development and testing of proprietary filter testing systems and processes it was discovered that the essential material used in its patented Clean room Filtration Testing system afforded a major breakthrough in the grip enhancement and moisture repelling technologies currently on the market.

GTC : The "GRRRIP" Story

GTC expertise is in the development and marketing of new products and in 1989 during routine testing, a serendipitous discovery was made. When specially formulated microscopic solid particles used in a Clean Room Filtration Testing System were applied to the hands, seven unique properties were observed:

  • Improved the ability to Secure , Hold, Grip , & Manipulate Objects
  • This substance sheds perspiration and moisture when applied to the hands
  • Hands where left dry , not sticky or tacky like other grip products
  • No loss of dexterity while manipulating an object
  • Hands felt warmer and stayed cleaner
  • Feet were found to stay warmer and dryer when applied to the feet
  • Added a degree of protection against the formation of blisters on the feet

... Thus a very unique and exciting product was born!