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Roger Rediker, Crossville, TN Makes you feel confident about your next shot when you are sweaty or nervous. The feel of a good solid grip is a confidence booster. You can apply to hands or glove. It's not sticky and easy to use. Everyone needs this in their bag! Sooner or later you're going to need it.

Michael A. Ferrari, Elkview, WV I highly recommend this product to ensure a secure grip on the club. I am a heavy sweater and don't like to wear a glove. GRRRIP PLUS works better then any glove I've ever used. Dries immediately and washes off quickly.

Michael Holesa, Shallotte, NC. For one who has used gloves, I can now just use GRRRIP. The product lasts through 18 holes with no need for reapplication. It enhances feel of the club and eliminates my mental aspect of always gripping the club too tight.

Howard Melton, Moneta, VA. Overall, I believe it's the best thing on the market and I believe every golfer should have a bottle in his or her golf bag.

Claude A Neely, Columbus, MS. I do recommend this product GRRRIP PLUS Lotion. Its ease of application and lasting capability were great. I applied it before I played golf and it let me loosen my grip on clubs and it lasted the entire 18 holed. My wife used it to loosen bottles and jar lids and she liked the way it washed off after use. I will be using it also when I go bowling.

Timothy Davis, St. Louis, MO. Using this product is like super gluing your hand to the grip on your club.

Harold N. Cole, Kinston, NC. Worked real well, allowed me to focus on things other than my grip (slip). I will use it in the future, for sure.

Kyle Mendes, Kaneohe, HI. You can feel the effect right after application. It's surprising how much greater the grippability becomes and it lasts for quite awhile. It also smells fantastic. It brings a fresh scent. At this price, considering how little you need per application, it's an awesome deal! I played a round with this and without gloves and it felt great; I even shot lower.

R. Bogucki, Newport News, VA. I recommend this product to others for its durability and lasting effect on keeping a good grip on my clubs in all kinds of weather conditions.

Dennis Howe, Owensboro, KY. Works very well. Absolutely a must have for anyone who does not like wearing a glove. Would work great in some manufacturing companies. Thanks.

Chris P. Igou, Praireville, LA. Having confidence when you stand over the ball is great, especially when you have a good grip. You are able to relax knowing you don't have to squeeze the life out of the grip to hold onto the club.

Brian Szabela, Alpharetta, GA. When I received this product, I was skeptical of its effectiveness on the improvement of my game. The first time I tried it, however, I was playing a round with my good friends on a rainy day. After a few holes, I suggested that we try the GRRRIP Plus lotion, and boy did it make a difference: I proceeded to have the best round of my life.

Fern Lachance, Dalzell, SC. I used GRRRIP PLUS lotion on my glove and right hand. It worked as advertised. I found that I had better control of most of my shots without having to use extra hand pressure. I believe that it helped me cut an average of 4 strokes from my game. I will continue to use GRRRIP PLUS from now on. Finally a product that seems to help my game. Thank you for letting me test a product that works.

Robert Vigil, Herndon, VA . This product prevented the club from slipping in my hands letting me cut at least three strokes from game. Also when it dried, it was not sticky, but more like a powder and did not let my hands get sweaty.

Charles Holt, Nashville, TN. GRRRIP PLUS allows me to relax my grip and arm muscles without fear of slipping. The friction allows a player to swing freely and to concentrate on form rather than having to worry about the grip. In summary, GRRRIP PLUS encourages a player to relax and enjoy the great game of golf.

Jeff Wagner, Cynthiana, KY. I not only used GRRRIP Plus lotion with worn grips on my golf clubs, but also in my profession as a roofer. I am not real sure just how many swings I made during my practice session, but I do know that during these hour and a half sessions my grip stayed sound and secure without having to reapply. While roofing, my grip stayed secure even in very sweaty conditions.

Brian Catalano, Virgina Beach, VA. I found the lotion to be very useful, especially in the conditions I played in. It was very wet on the course and GRRRIP PLUS gave me a firm grip on my clubs and greatly reduced my clubs from spinning in my hand. This led to better handling and boosted my confidence while taking approach shots. My friends tried it and want some of their own.

Bruce L. Wanger, Branson, MO. I don't like to wear a glove when I golf. GRRRIP was very effective in giving me a firm hold on my club. I highly recommend it for anybody that needs a non-slip hold on anything. Thanks for letting me test the product.

Lonnie Lonberger, Lake Wales, FL. Keeps hands dry. I was able to use the same glove for the complete round. I also used it on my hands while bass fishing. It really helped my grip on the rod.

Donald Masse, Lakeland, FL. The product produced results claimed by the manufacture. I recommend.

Michael Pedersen, Kennesaw, GA. Amazing product. Dries your hand and keeps them dry. Improves the feel of your club. No more worries about the club slipping or turning in your hands.

Tony Janco, Phoenix, AZ. I used the product both at the bowling lane and on the golf course. And it performed great for both sports. Any time I would notice my hands getting a bit slick, I applied the lotion with great results. Instant grip right after application. I would definitely recommend this product to friends.

F. Hundemer, Alexandria, VA. I found that the GRRRIP PLUS lotion works better in warm weather than in cold weather. I would recommend it to others, especially older golfers such as myself because it gives you better control of your club.